Molicel ME202 Li-Ion Battery

The tried and true 202 battery pack format is still very popular. Moli-Energy's latest ME202, the 11.1V ME202EK, has 7800mAh capacity, 86Wh of power and one of the best cycle lives in the industry.


Molicel 1821J Li-Ion Battery

Turnkey 2 cell series Li-ion pack. 2400mAh capacity 18Wh of power and 7.4V average discharge voltage. Using the matching contact plate for integration into your product this battery can be designed into your application easily.


Energy Access Smart Battery Charger

Two bay, level-3, stand alone battery charger that is compliant with the standard Smart Battery System to charge any type of battery chemistry provided that the pack adheres to the System Management Bus (SMBus) specifications.