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Welcome to the Alti-Tech Online Store.

If you are a returning customer please contact us by email at info@alti-tech.com to retrieve a new temporary password for your account.

We are a distributor of genuine E-One Moli Energy lithium-ion batteries, including the ME202 and MCR1821. All batteries are UL and UN approved and ROHS compliant and safe to ship worldwide.

In addition to our line of E-One Moli-Energy batteries we also offer consulting and design services for all your lithium ion battery needs, whether you need a custom battery pack for your product or want to integrate Moli-Energy batteries into a new product, we can help.


Alti-tech specializes in battery system design and small run manufacturing, delivering complete power solutions for high demand environments.

Our powerful solutions are the core of sophisticated aerospace, defence, healthcare, and telecommunications technologies. We've helped surveillance aircraft stay aloft and hospital patients return to good health.

We are the backbone of successful projects. Our advanced system integration and whole project view consistently brings our technology partners in on budget and ahead of schedule.

Our services include:

• Battery and charger system design, production and testing
• In house CNC and laser cutting capabilities for rapid prototyping.
• Software, firmware, hardware integration
• In house manufacturing with full SMT production line

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Contact us by email at info@alti-tech.com

Address for Couriers:
7331 Old Mill Road
Pemberton BC
Canada V0N 2L0

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1174
Pemberton, BC
Canada V0N 2L0