SBS-2502 Smart Battery Series


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60W SMBus 2 bay Simultaneous Smart Battery Charger

The SBS-2502, also known as the SBS-4002 (a replacement for the SBS-3002) is a two bay, level-3, stand alone battery charger that is compliant with the standard Smart Battery System. As such, it can charge any type of battery chemistry provided that the pack adheres to the System Management Bus (SMBus) specifications.

The two bays are charged simultaneously and a discharge can be performed in either bay. The SBS-2502 uses an external universal switching power supply of 24V up to 60W.

There are three different configurations available depending on the form factor of the battery needing to be charged. See the chart below:

201 Form Factor204 Form Factor202 Form Factor

Please send us a photo or model number for your battery if you're unsure which model of charger to choose.

Package includes: Charger, universal power supply, line cord and instructions sheet.

Download Technical Documents:
SBS-2502 Specifications (pdf)
SBS-2502 Data Sheet (pdf)