Dangerous Goods Shipping by Alti-Tech Inc.

By Nancy Bolden on June 15, 2016

News for June, 2016
Alti-Tech Inc has recently become a dangerous goods shipper with DHL. This will allow us to ship any amount of lithium ion batteries to countries not well served by UPS, one of which is the United Arab Emirates. UPS is no longer able to ship any amount of lithium ion batteries to the UAE so we had to find another option to service those customers.

If you are a customer in the UAE or another country that has restrictive shipping regulations for lithium ion batteries please contact us, we can help.

Important Notice to Battery Customers
In addition to the new 30% state of charge all Molicel batteries will be shipped in shutdown mode instead of sleep mode, as had previously been the case. This is to ensure that the shelf life of the battery will not be negatively affected by the lower state of charge at manufacture. Upon receiving the battery it will be necessary to wake it up from shutdown mode. This can be done by applying charge for a few seconds prior to use.

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