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Battery Compatibility Confusion with Philips Patient Monitors

By Nancy Bolden on June 6, 2019

Having trouble finding a cheaper replacement for your Philips medical equipment? Here's why:

There are now 3 generations of Philips monitors:
1) Old units that can take standard the ME202 battery sold in our store
2) Newer units that have a non-standard notch preventing non-Philips brand batteries from installing (see our image below. The Philips notch is on the bottom battery)
3) Newest units that lock out the standard ME202 in software

The recent changes Philips has made to their monitors means you pay way more for the battery than you should. The old monitors have a longer life and higher resale value because there are much cheaper battery options for them.

To solve number 2 on our list, some customers have cut the plastic key off of the connector in the monitor to use standard sized batteries but understandably, many hospitals are not comfortable with that solution.

So how do you know if the ME202EK battery sold in our store will work? Here are a few tips:

(a) If your Philips device has a battery with part number 453564017321 it will be compatible with the ME202EK Moli Energy battery sold in our store.
(b) If your device currently has an ME202CJ battery installed, the ME202EK will also work.
(c) But if your device has a battery labeled ME202CJ-C, it will NOT work.

Examples of devices that the ME202EK WILL work in: SureSigns VS2 VS3 VM4 VM6 VM8
And those it will NOT work in: MP20/30/50/70 and newer models.

In the image below the Philips battery with the custom notch is on the bottom